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The Heretic Order –  Music Videos, Interviews and More


The Heretic Order are a new modern-sounding classic metal band, based in London, and influenced by the occult ,horror factual and fiction

stories and a passion for classic heavy metal: Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest and the likes.

Incorporating on-stage theatrics with a powerful combination of searing riffs and blistering solos to enhance their pagan and occult philosophies, they have become an impressive spectacle to watch since their incarnation in late 2014, offering a refreshing and exciting edge to a stagnant metal scene.

The Heretic Order have since played at some of the UK’s major metal festivals, including Bloodstock 2014, 2016 and 2018 , Hammerfest 2015, 2018 2019 and HRH Metal 2017, gathering excellent reviews from the metal press in the process. In addition to countless gigs around the country and some European outings, such as the 2016 Metal Lorca festival and Tajuna Fest they have supported metal legends Exodus, Soulfly, Diamond Head, Wolf and David Vincent’s I’am Morbid making a impact on the European metal scene.

Having released two albums  ‘All Hail The Order’ September 2015 and ‘Evil Rising’ June 2018 through Massacre Records

The Heretic Order have just finished recording what will be their third album , no date has been set for release yet.

Stay Heavy, Stay Evil!